Muay Thai (Thai Boxing training)

From January 2015, there will be additional classes added to the current timetable for yellow belts and above to train in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). Classes will be based on a well-established regime of Muay Thai technical and fitness training classes each week, in addition to which, twice per month, a highly qualified Thai Boxing Coach from Woking Thai Boxing Club, will come to Chobham to put us through our paces and to teach more advanced pad-work techniques and fighting combinations. You will also be welcome to train at Woking Thai Boxing Club during the week (Monday and Thursday evenings) at Woking Leisure Centre and (Wednesday nights) at Woking Boxing Club under the watchful eye of their extremely respected and experienced senior coach – Mick Murphy and his senior coaches who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them.

You will need your own boxing gloves (preferably 16 oz gloves), groin guard, shin and insteps (preferably leather), gum shield and a skipping rope (preferably a Thai speed rope). A set of Thai Boxing pads would be an advantage too. Clothing to wear – t-shirt and shorts.

Please liaise with the Chobham instructors as to further details.