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Chief Instructors at Chobham Karate Club

Sensei PerryShihan Frank T Perry

UKSKO Chief Instructor

Shihan Frank Perry is an 8th Dan in Karate (Hanshi). He is also a 5th Dan in Judo, Ju-jutsu, Ken-Jutsu, Kobi-Jutsu. He also holds Dan rankings in Kendo and Aikido. Shihan Frank Perry runs the largest full-time Karate dojo in England – Bu’sen (Kyoto Budo Senmon Gakkou) Martial Arts School in Twickenham, Middlesex, formerly the Anglo Japanese & Seiki Juku Association headquarters (Honbu). Founded in 1901 and established in Twickenham for over 25 years. His organisation, the United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation, has thousands of registered students and is affiliated to the English Karate Federation, the Sekai Butokukwai and the Sports Council Advisory Group for Martial Arts.

Shihan Frank Perry worked originally with the first Japanese Budo and Karate Exponents who came to Britain. From the former, he acquired what is now a rare knowledge of the Bushido Spirit (the martial way of the classical worrier) and this remains something he wishes to see fostered today in all Martial Arts.

As a competitor, Shihan Frank Perry has fought at national and international level and his students have won numerous honours. He has devoted much time and energy to the establishment of Karate as a fast-growing sport with behind-the-scenes work on the English Karate Council (the former governing body), of which he became Vice-Chairman in 1988. He was also Chairman of the English Karate Council Technical and Coaching Committees and the English representative to the British Karate Federation. Other appointments include that of Chief Instructor of the United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation and also of the Koku Sai-Budo-Shingi Kai.

Shihan Frank Perry has presented Martial Art techniques for television and was the subject of the first ever documentary Karate film distributed nationwide in cinemas. This film demonstrated, Karate and in particular, Tameshiwari (breaking) techniques at the very highest level, building up to his successful breaking of a stack of a record nine huge ice blocks with a single hand strike in a display of Tameshiwari never seen on screen before.

Phil Holt

Sensei Phil Holt

Chobham Club Instructor

The club is run by Sensei Phil, who holds the rank of 3rd Dan Karate. He also holds the grade of 1st Kyu (Brown) in Ju-Jutsu. He has trained for many years (18 years+) in Muay Thai Boxing (under Mick Murphy and other senior instructors at Woking Thai Boxing Club) in order to add a further dimension to his own training. Phil is also assisted by Darren Meredith, 2nd Dan Karate, Dave Brown, 2nd Dan Karate, & Andrew Lowe, 2nd Dan Karate (Dave and Andrew also trained in Muay Thai at Woking Thai Boxing Club for several years). Both of our senior instructors (Phil & Darren) also hold NVQ – Level 2 and B-Tech – Level 2 in Martial Arts Coaching and both are First Aid qualified (Phil is a First Aid Instructor).

All Club Instructors are CRB Enhanced Checked to the same level as School Teachers and also First Aid Qualified.