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Karate Equipment & Apparel

The sooner you can purchase a karate suit (gi) the better. Karate suits displaying the association’s Japanese calligraphy are available from the club. Loose clothing or a tracksuit may be worn for the first two or three training sessions.

Higher grades are required to fight at gradings. Accordingly, sparring is an integral part of your training regime. Protective equipment is mandatory and must be worn to enable you to partake in sparring. The equipment can be purchased through the club and again, the sooner you acquire this the better as sparring is undertaken as a regular part of our training.

“One whose spirit and mental strength have been strengthened by sparring with a never-say-die attitude should find no challenge too great to handle. One who has undergone long years of physical pain and mental agony to learn one punch, one kick, should be able to face any task, no matter how difficult, and carry it through to the end. A person like this can truly be said to have learned karate.”– Gichin Funakosh

Karate Kick